For us at Life-Chip, the customer comes first! We listen carefully to your needs and tailor our solutions to your unique situation. Our 15 years of experience in interdisciplinary research and over 12 years in microfluidics help us to translate from clinician to chemist to bio-physicist to engineer and back and to understand the core of the problem or question you want solved and answered.

We offer our services as modules:

  • device design
    • may include:
      • biochemical assays
      • Organs-on-Chip
      • sensors
  • rapid prototyping
    • within a week you hold a first handful of prototypes in your hands, for less than 20% of the costs of injections molded prototypes
  • design of instrumentation and interfaces
  • conduction of experiments (both in-house and on-site)
  • project management
  • data analysis
  • literature review
  • knowledge dissemination
  • patenting (with external partners)

Additionally, we offer support in planning and management of labs and cleanrooms, as well as training staff to handle microfluidic devices and culture cells on chips.