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At Life on a Chip (or simply “Life-Chip”), we specialize in microfluidics, the science of controlling fluids (gases and liquids) in microscopic environments. Our expertise in microfluidics allows us to provide faster results with smaller samples in various fields such as Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences, and Biotechnology.

Contact us today at info@life-chip.de, and let us help you take your project to the next level.

Want more details adout microfluidcs and our service? Then read on:


Microfluidics is the science of handling fluids (=gasses and liquids) in microscopic environments with extreme degrees of control. This control allows you to get results faster with smaller samples.
Microfluidics can be used throughout Chemistry, Biology, Life Sciences and Biotechnology.

Processes and projects that already have profited from microfluidics include

  • Diagnostics (e.g. Malaria, pregnancy, cancer,…)
  • Sensors (NV-Diamonds)
  • Blood separation & analysis
  • Drug assays
  • Drug discovery
  • Cell separation / enrichment
  • Single cell analysis
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Water analysis
  • Targeted mutation
  • Polyomics (proteomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics,…)

For some of these it was necessary to not only handle fluids with a high degree of control, but also to grow cells, tissues, and even several interconnected organ(oid)s on a chip.

In a nutshell, that all is our expertise. And we offer it to support you in your projects.

But why?

Because you often do not need a full time employee, but just the expertise for this project. Limited in time – limited in cost!